World War III will be in space?

A new space race begins, the United States, in the aerospace sector in recent years has been a leader, NASA government entity with its Artemis Plan aims to go to the Moon and maintain sustainability on it, ie a "settlement of the human species in another celestial body in the long term", the Artemis Plan also plans to go to Mars.

Behind this plan there is also a series of technological and governmental inconveniences because the sustainability on the Moon requires the use of the existing resources of the celestial body "IN-SITU", this means that the way to use and take possession of these resources will be a primordial factor to consider.

This is the key point, "seizing the space resources" for their respective utilization and the creation of a base infrastructure on the Moon. But who has the right to use these resources? How will they be protected?

To answer these questions, the U.S. government has created the Space Force, a branch of the U.S. Air Force. However, there is a shortage of suppliers for this Space Force. The U.S. startup e-Space Innovation Inc. intends to address this shortage and has created a section called "Planetary Defense" with two main objectives. The first objective is to be an ally of the Space Force thanks to its combat nano-satellites whose objective is to defend both civil and commercial space sovereignty, since several government and commercial satellites have been the product of spy attacks in space, on the other hand, e-Space Innovation is also developing its own autonomous Planetary Defense space station called "PD-ONE" whose function will be to help and support space defense space missions.

The second objective is that the combat nano-satellites will be a space network which would allow to deflect asteriods in orbit. This objective is difficult to implement since each asteroid has different compositions and its deflection will depend on what the asteroid is made of. While helping to shed light on unknown space information, here's a scoop below that we won't go into detail about.

But is the United States the only country that intends this plan in space, the answer is no, and China is getting closer and closer to the U.S. plan. That is to say, it put rovers on the Moon and Mars but it is also building its own space station. This is a little inconvenient because the International Space Station is about to reach the end of its useful life.

Undoubtedly, e-Space Innovation tries to be at the forefront with the technological development that allows the execution of the Artemis Plan and the Space Force mission, if you want to help them below you will find the link to their fundraising.