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The project leader is Edison VARGAS FERNANDEZ, Master's Degree in Sciences, Technology and Health, a specialist in Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environment at Paris - Saclay University.

Research in Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS) in Paris - France with subject: "Comparison between the poles of planet Earth and TRAPPIST - 1 (Exoplanet-2MASS J2306292860502285). This research was presented the 30th January 2020 at French Ministry of Higher Education.

Edison made a contribution to ARTEMIS III Science Definition Team Report NASA/SP-20205009602 from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA.

See report here

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For Stanford Alumni - SUID : 0024818924

Certificate of Completion in Startup School at YC.


With the collaboration and help of the community, we can reach the space at a low price with the so-called "New Space"

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